Webhook Details For Developer

With webhooks, any application of your choice is notified when a video is created or when or in the event of an error with a video.

A webhook is a URL to which we send an HTTP POST request every time a video is generated. You can manage your webhooks on a per TEMPLATE basis, via the API or the web interface.

Our call to the webhook includes a JSON-encoded video object with detailed information about the video in its POST body.

Webhooks Details

  • We expect an HTTP status code 200 in the response to our webhook call.
  • Every content in the body will be discarded, so you might leave that blank.
  • If the webhook call to one webhook fails, a notification will be added to your account’s notification section.

Webhook call example

The following is an example of a webhook call.

Accept: */*
Connection: close
User-Agent: Pirsonal
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 432
Host: localhost:10000

“description”:”Test video for webhoook”,
“name”:”Test video”,
“status”: {“code”:”done”},
“data” : “String passed as data parameter to Video Object when Template_VideoNew was called”

Adding a webhook to a template or project in Pirsonal

There are different ways to add a webhook in Pirsonal.


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