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Most Common Questions

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What's the difference between personalized videos and generic videos with personalized Calls to Action?

Personalized videos are real rendered videos processed in Pirsonal’s cloud combining personalized or dynamic images, videos, audios, text, and shapes based on templates. Users can optionally also add in-video personalized Calls to Action (CTAs) thanks to Pirsonal Player.

Generic videos with personalized Calls to Action are normal videos without printed personalization but that still enjoy a high level of personalization thanks to personalized in-video Calls to Action, powered by Pirsonal Player.

Pirsonal Player adds personalized, triggered-based Calls to Action to any video, personalized or generic.

How can I add personalized Calls to Action to my videos?

Pirsonal Player helps to add personalized Calls to Action (CTAs) to any videos, at scale and automatically, not just to personalized videos rendered by the Pirsonal video personalization software.

The first step to add personalized CTAs to any video is to create a Pirsonal Player Project (interactive video project).

? This article explains how to do this step by step.

What is a credit?

Credits are the way we measure at Pirsonal certain characteristics your plan supports. Depending on the Pirsonal Product you are using, credits are consumed in different ways.

  • Personalized Videos: 1 second of generated videos equals 1 credit. For example, a 60 seconds video successfully created will use 60 credits from your account.
  • Pirsonal Player (interactive video player only, with no personalized videos): 1 successfully create video ID equals 1 credit. For example, if you created 1000 video IDs from a Pirsonal Player Project, then you used 1000 credits from your account.

Monthly plans renew their credits every month. Yearly plans automatically renew their credits yearly.

Once your account runs out of credit, you can not create more personalized or interactive videos. We would usually automatically give you some extra credits to help you out before you really run out of credits.

? Learn more about credits

How can I get the video links?

There are many ways to get the video links or URLs for both your personalized videos and interactive videos with personalized Calls to Action.

The easiest way: Use webhooks to send data from Pirsonal to your favorite marketing tool (Google Sheets, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc).

? Explore this article now to learn more.

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