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About Credits

Pirsonal’s platform automatically creates personalized videos. Each personalized video is created from templates. Every time a video is successfully created, your account consumes credits.

In this article, you will learn about your account credits, where to find them, and how to add more credits yo your account.

What are Credits

Credits are the way we measure at Pirsonal certain characteristics your plan supports. Each credit is equivalent to one second of generated video, but only for personalized videos that have been successfully created, that is, those that have the “done” only. Therefore, videos with status “processing”, “queue” or “error” will not have used credits yet.

Credits are renewed on a monthly, yearly, or campaign basis, depending on the type of plan to which you have subscribed.

Where to find the number of Credits Left

You will find the information about the remaining Credits in each given period on the Dashboard page, as well as on the Settings or Account Administration page.

Credits Left

How to add more Credits to your account

To add more Credits to your account, you can upgrade to a higher plan at any given time or you can contact Sales if you have an Enterprise or custom plan.

How to know the number of Credits used by a template

In order to know the number of Credits used by a template, simply follow these steps:

Steps to Find Credits Used Per Template

  1. Go to My Templates
  2. Identify the template you want more information about and click on the three dots icon located in the “Action” column
  3. Click on “Info” once the menu has been displayed
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