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I Think My Account Has Been Compromised

We take account security seriously at Pirsonal. If you’re concerned your account may be compromised or is under threat of being compromised, please act quickly. This can be a scary situation, but we are here to help.In this article, you’ll learn what to do if you think your account has been compromised.

How do I know if my account is compromised?

Here are some common indicators that an account may have been compromised.

  • You think your account login information has been stolen.
  • You see an increase of personalized videos and you believe you didn’t create them.
  • When you attempt to log in, you see an error message that says the account does not exist.
  • You received an unexpected email from Pirsonal staff. This may include forgot username emails or password reset emails you didn’t request.

False alarms

It’s possible that a Pirsonal customer with a similar username may request a password change and mistakenly type in your username. Don’t worry! They won’t be able to change your password or view your account. Only you will receive the password reset request email.

If you can’t log in to your account, double-check that you’re typing in the correct username and password. It’s possible that if multiple users on the account share login credentials, another user might have changed the username, password, or both. Check with your account users to see if they’ve changed any account settings recently.

Remember templates can also be deactivated. If you notice that one of your personalized videos template has been compromised and it is not a security issue but an automation issue, please deactivate your template.

Reasons this may have happened

There are usually two scenarios:

The most common scenario is a former employee or business partner had access to your Pirsonal account and tried to undermine or disrupt access to your account. As you can imagine, this scenario usually gets resolved in court. If you need to contact us or to send court orders preserving account data for your case, use this form.

Maybe your computer has been infected with malware that logs everything you type. In this case, all your passwords can be stolen by the hacker and re-sold to people who want access to organizations’ email marketing accounts so they can take your information or send emails from your account.

Protect a compromised account

If you believe your account has been compromised, contact us right away. Please do it from a secure email address and explain the situation. We’ll deactivate your account and send capabilities on the Pirsonal account, just until you can reset your data.

Then, when you’re able to log in, you’ll reset this information in your account.

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