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How To Create A Pirsonal Player Project

With Pirsonal, you can create personalized interactive video projects with any video, even if the video is not a personalized video rendered with Pirsonal. This is done through Pirsonal Player.

Pirsonal Player is flexible a personalized interactive video player.

In this article, we’ll show you the basics of creating a Pirsonal Player project in the My Templates section of your account.

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Walkthrough of Creating a Project

Projects are created in the “My Templates” section of your account. Each Pirsonal Player project you create starts from a template.

To get started with creating a Pirsonal Player project:

  1. Click “My Templates” in the left menu.
  2. Click the “Create Interactive Project” button.
  3. The “Pirsonal Player Project” screen will open. On this page, you will need to:
  4. Type the name of your new project into the field provided. This field is required. Note that this name is internal only and will not be seen by your contacts.
  5. Type a description of your project. This field is optional and it’s internal only.
  6. Add a webhook URL and security details. These fields are optional.
  7. Choose a background video. Since Pirsonal is a flexible personalization software, you have two options:
    1. Dynamic Media: This is the option by default. Use this option if you want to provide the background video URL dynamically when creating the personalized interactive video links. For example, if you have different buyer personas, you can use this option to use a unique background video URL for each buyer persona under the same project.
      Dynamic Media Toggle

      Dynamic Media Background Video Used by Default

    2. Template Media: The Template Media option allows you use a fixed background video source.
      Template Media for Fixed Background Videos

      Use Template Media for Fixed Background Videos

      Pirsonal offers four alternative sources:

      Media Source Options

      Media Source Options

      1. From My PC: This allows you to upload a video file from your device. When you save the project, the video file will be stored in your Pirsonal account. Please make sure to stay on the page when you press “Save”. The page will automatically change once the file has been successfully uploaded.
      2. URL: Use this field to add the URL of your source file. For example
      3. Amazon: This option allows you to use a file stored in an Amazon S3 Bucket. You need to provide two fields:
        • Bucket name. For example “emea-marketing”.
        • Key or file name. For example “buyerpersona-c-executive.mp4”
      4. Pirsonal: Files stored by Pirsonal will be listed when you choose this option.
  8. Scroll to the top and click “Save” to add the new project to your account. When pressing “Save” you’ll be automatically redirected to the “Campaign” section to help you create a new Campaign. Your new project will be listed in the My Templates section.


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