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What Is “Total Videos” On Dashboard or Settings

Pirsonal is a personalized multimedia marketing platform. Among other content, you can easily create thousands of personalized videos automatically. These personalized videos can be created using the Campaign tool, our +2k integrations (Zapier), or even our API and developer tools.

In this article, you will learn what “Total Videos” is and where to find this information on the Pirsonal platform.

Things you should know first

  • The Pirsonal platform is based on credits. At the time of writing this help article, each credit equals one second of a successfully created video. In other words, if a video is not created and shows the status “error”, “processing” or “queue”, the credits will not count.
  • From a marketing perspective, we talk about “number of videos” because it is easier to understand, however, subscription plans are based on the number of credits or seconds assigned to each plan.

Understanding what “Total Videos” is

“Total Videos” refers to the total number of videos successfully created with an account on Pirsonal’s personalized video marketing platform. Therefore, this value is the sum of all the videos listed in all the templates available in your account. This means that if you delete any videos, this will also be reflected in the number the total number of videos in “Total Videos”.

Where to find “Total Videos”

There are two pages where you can easily see the number of videos created with your Pirsonal account.

  • Dashboard: This is your main page, where you initially land when you log in.. You will find the number of videos next to the number of credits, in the upper right part of the page, under the orange “Create a Campaign” button.
    Total Personalized Videos Created With Pirsonal Account
  • Settings or Admin: This is an administrative page, where you will also find your API credentials, contact information, and option to change your password. Regarding the number of videos, you will find it next to the number of credits remaining in your monthly subscription, below the plan name of your subscription.
    Total Personalized Videos
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