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Why Can’t I See My Contacts In People?

People is a section of the Pirsonal user account that lets you quickly see if a contact has seen a personalized or interactive video and a personalized Call to Action. Through the People section, users see a list of these contacts in a convenient way.

With this information marketing and sales professionals are able to manually or automatically follow up on contacts based on the contacts’ reactions.

No every personalized video or interactive video with a personalized Call to Action ends up in the People section. The only videos that are shown in the People section are those videos for which any of the following video metadata fields have been used:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

These three contact fields are enabled by Pirsonal to help users manage their contacts and to support personalized marketing and sales efforts.

If you create personalized or interactive videos and do not use any of the three contact metadata fields provided by Pirsonal (First Name, Last Name, Email), then the contact won’t be shown in the People section.


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