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Video URL for Mailchimp

If you are using Pirsonal’s integration with Mailchimp, you need to merge the video ID to the dynamic landing page base URL if you want to share a personalized landing page with video with your audience, or the video file base URL if you are sharing the direct video file with them.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create, map or merge the personalized URL in Mailchimp from the video ID Pirsonal creates for each contact.

Creating Dynamic Landing Pages URLs for Mailchimp

When you create personalized videos or interactive videos with Pirsonal, Pirsonal automatically creates a dynamic landing page for each contact or video. This is an option available through Pirsonal Pages.

When using the Video ID field from the Mailchimp Connection page in Pirsonal for a given template, Pirsonal will update the merge tag you’ve typed in Mailchimp with the video ID from Pirsonal.

Make sure this merge tag is a text audience field type. Otherwise, the contact will not be added or updated in the first place.

In Mailchimp, use this merge tag for inclusion in the URL you’ll share with your contacts or audience.

This is the base URL:

Use the following merge tag property to create the video or dynamic landing URL:


Learn more about Mailchimp’s merge tags

With this, you can update “YOUR-VIDEO-ID-MERGE-TAG-GOES-HERE” with the merge tag for the Video ID as typed in the Mailchimp Connection page for the chosen template.

For example, if you have an audience field with the merge tag, *|VIDEO_ID_01|*, and the value includes something like 12345678901234567890 — in your link, use*|URL:VIDEO_ID_01|* to URL encode the value like:

This merge tag encodes the value of your merge tag (which is the video ID) for inclusion in a URL.

Sharing the video in fullscreen with Pirsonal Player

To directly share the Pirsonal Player link in fullscreen, simply use the following URL structure instead:

To continue with the example above, in your link, use*|URL:VIDEO_ID_01|* to URL encode the value like:

Source Video URL for Personalized Videos

To share the raw or source real personalized video file with your Mailchimp contacts, you’ll need to first get the video URL base URL and merge it with the video ID.

The base video file URL could change depending on the Pirsonal platform version you are using and where the content is hosted.

To get this URL, follow these steps:

  1. Create a video with the template you need
  2. Find the video in the video list
  3. Click on the Action menu (three dots)
  4. From the dropdown menu, click Files
    • If the file is hosted in the default hosting option, you’ll see a Download button. Click that button and copy the URL from the browser
    • If the file is hosted in Amazon S3, go to the S3 bucket and copy the file URL.

Once you’ve found this URL, use the base URL to update the video ID from the given URL with the merge tag from Mailchimp for the video ID.

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