Video Rendering and Processing

Video Or Processing Status

Every personalized video or interactive video made with Pirsonal goes through different statuses or states.

Video statuses help us organize the information in the user dashboard. A video status also helps us execute other actions, like for example communicating with your marketing automation tool of choice when a video has been created.

In this article, you’ll learn the four different video statuses handled by Pirsonal.

Video Status or State

  • Error: Videos with “error” status will not be created because of an error. When this happens, you’ll normally see an error code and/or message with more information about the error. If the error persists, please contact support.
  • Processing: Videos showing this status are currently being created.
  • Queue: Videos in the queue will be processed as soon as there is a processing slot available.
  • Done: When a video has been successfully created, a “done” status will be shown.

Webhooks and Video Status

A webhook is a notification or communication system between applications. Pirsonal supports standard and secure webhooks. When you use a webhook with a template, the webhook will only be processed when any of the following video status take place:

  • Done
  • Error
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