Pirsonal Player

Does It Support Any Language?

Pirsonal’s video marketing automation software suite supports different languages depending on the product you are using.

In this article, we’ll briefly explain text codification for different languages across the personalized content created by Pirsonal.

Will this work with any language?

It depends on the Pirsonal personalization software you are using.

  • Pirsonal Player: Pirsonal’s interactive video software helps you add personalized video Calls to Action (video CTAs) to your videos at scale, automatically. These personalized video CTAs support UTF-8, which is the web standard. This means that you can virtually display content in any language.
  • Pirsonal Pages: This software helps you automatically create dynamic landing pages for your personalized or interactive videos. Same as Pirsonal’s interactive video software, Pirsonal Pages supports UTF-8.
  • Pirsonal Videos: Pirsonal’s personalized videos software helps you make and render personalized videos at scale, combining dynamic videos, audio, images, and text. Text printed in the personalized videos only supports UTF-8 string using TrueType fonts (.ttf), from left to right.
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