How Long Does It Take To Process A Video?

The video processing or rendering time for real personalized videos depends on several key factors. On average, a 60 seconds video will take about 20 to 30 seconds to be processed on a standard platform (Plus, Professional, and Premier plans). If you have an Enterprise account, the processing time it’s usually agreed upon based on your requirements.

Please note that if you are only generating Pirsonal Player video links (interactive videos only, not rendered personalized videos), there is no rendering time. Generic videos with personalized in-video Calls to Action are often generated in real-time.

Key Factors that Affect Video Processing for Personalized Videos

These are some of the key factors that affect video processing speed:

  • Type of account: Standard accounts have limited capabilities in terms of processing.
  • File size: Heavy files take longer to process than smaller files.
  • Video length: Shorter videos are processed faster than longer videos.
  • Video resolution: High-resolution videos take 3 or 4 times than low and standard resolution videos.
  • Queue limit: Standard accounts can face processing queues, which on average happens 1-4 times a month.

Read this article to learn how to optimize video processing speed.

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