Getting Started

User Dashboard Overview

Pirsonal is a personalized video marketing software to make your audience react, one by one, automatically. Why? Because your audience needs you to be relevant to their needs, objections, and context. When you do this, you get loyal customers that buy more.
We do this by automatically creating personalized videos, landing pages, and calls to action that resonate with your segmented audience.
All these personalized multimedia assets are created based on any kind of structured data, from a CSV to a trigger from your favorite marketing automation software (remember we have about 2k integrations) and an API.
Now, let me show you how to enrich your marketing messages with personalized multimedia marketing, step by step.
In this video, you will learn more about Pirsonal’s user Dashboard. This page is great because it will help you understand how well or maybe not that well your campaigns are going, at a glance. Here we’ve added really useful resources and links to make your life easier.

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