Pirsonal Player

Embedding Interactive Video on Your Website

Pirsonal Player is an interactive video player for personalized marketing and customer experience.

In this article, you’ll learn how to embed Pirsonal Player on any webpage.

Things you should know before you start

  1. Every personalized video made with the Pirsonal personalization software has a unique ID.
  2. This ID is automatically provided by the Pirsonal software and made available through Pirsonal’s UI, webhooks, or API
  3. Videos that were not created because of an error, as well as videos in the queue or that are processing also have an ID.

Embed code for Pirsonal Player

Below you’ll find the embed code to add Pirsonal Player to any webpage:

<iframe src=”https://vid.pirsonal.com/embed/VIDEO-ID-GOES-HERE” width=”960px” height=”540px”></iframe>

Make sure to update “VIDEO-ID” with the right video ID provided by Pirsonal. Also, update the video size according to your requirements.

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