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Custom CSS for Pirsonal Pages and Pirsonal Player

Using your own CSS allows you to overwrite how Pirsonal Pages and Pirsonal Player look. Pirsonal Pages is a dynamic landing page system. Pirsonal Player is a personalized interactive video player.

For example, the following image shows a dynamic landing page with custom CSS. The custom CSS changed the landing page’s standard color to a light blue.

Custom CSS for personalized landing pages

Since Pirsonal is a multimedia marketing personalization software, every single aspect of the content created by the software can be personalized on a one-to-one basis.

This means that you can overwrite and personalize the CSS the same way you personalized a video or a landing page.

Pirsonal helps you customize the look and feel of your Pirsonal Pages and Pirsonal Player with the Custom CSS functionality. This functionality is available through Pirsonal’s Zapier app and also via the Pirsonal API.

Make sure to

  • Add the CSS within <style type=”text/css”> </style>, then only it will take effect.
  • End all the CSS tags.
  • Double-check all cases as CSS is case-sensitive.

Elements You Can Update with Custom CSS

  • For Pirsonal Pages (dynamic landing pages)
    • Landing Page Logo
    • Landing Page Description
    • Video Title
    • Video Description
    • Embedded Iframe or URL
    • Footer
  • For Pirsonal Player (personalized interactive video player)
    • Calls to Action
    • Video player elements

Add Custom CSS Using Zapier

When using Pirsonal’s Zapier app, in the Action event “Create Personalized Video” you’ll find a field called “Landing Page Custom CSS”. Use the field to add your own CSS to overwrite how Pirsonal Pages look, on a contact or video basis, at scale.

Custom CSS in Zapier

Pirsonal’s Zapier App – Custom CSS Field

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