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What’s The Difference Between A Template And A Project

Pirsonal is a marketing personalization software focused on multimedia content. There are different types of personalized content that Pirsonal creates which are organized in Templates and Projects.

In this article, you’ll learn the difference between Templates and Projects in Pirsonal.

The Difference between Personalized Video Templates and Interactive Video Projects

Personalized videos are created from Templates. A Template defines the objects (images, videos, audio, text), events, and effects that take place in order to create each video.

Then, a template composes the look and feel of personalized videos based on common characteristics.

Templates can be created with Pirsonal Editor and/or Pirsonal Script.

Projects are an easy way to organize interactive video projects that run with Pirsonal Player, which adds personalized Calls to Action to any video at scale.

This means that the personalization only takes place through Pirsonal’s interactive video player and not in the content of the video, as Pirsonal is not rendering these videos.

Projects consist of a background video. The source for this background video can be dynamic (Dynamic Media) or static (Template Media).

Both Projects and Templates are treated in the same way through the Pirsonal API. The main difference, therefore, is conceptual through the Pirsonal user interface and our Knowledge Base.

This differentiation serves to differentiate that with Pirsonal Templates users render personalized videos at scale, and with Pirsonal Projects, we add personalized Calls to Action to any video even if it is not personalized.

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