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What’s A Template Media

A Template Media is a video, image, audio file, or text used on a template and that will not change on a per video basis. If any of these objects is configured as Template Media, it means that you won’t be able to personalize that object using your data source.

When Pirsonal automatically renders videos in the cloud or creates interactive videos, it uses objects. These objects can be images, videos, audio files, texts, or vector shapes. If you want Pirsonal to host a multimedia file and need to use the same file over and over with the same template, then Template Media is your best option.

For example, if your personalized video template uses the same background video for all the videos, then that video background (which is a video object) will be Template Media.

The same applies if you create a Pirsonal Player project and all the videos use the same background video.

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