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What’s A Dynamic Media

Every personalized or interactive video the Pirsonal software creates can be powered by dynamic objects or content. Pirsonal supports the following objects: Audio, image, video, text, vectors.

When audio, image, video, or text objects are dynamically added from your data source, we call this Dynamic Media. When you create a personalized video template or an interactive video project, you have the option to choose the objects that will be Dynamic Media.

If you are creating real personalized video, your template allows you to make any image, video, audio, or text Dynamic Media, also called Dynamic in the user interface (UI).

If you are creating a personalized interactive video project with Pirsonal Editor only, then only the background video can be Dynamic Media.

Regardless of the type of video personalization you choose, Dynamic Media objects will be available through Zapier, our API or our UI so that you can dynamically add the content. This allows you to create powerful personalized video messages at scale.

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