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How To Edit A Pirsonal Player Project

When you create a Pirsonal Player Project or Template, you can easily edit it. Common edits are related to adding a webhook, increasing the Project’s security or simply changing the background video for the interactive video project.

Note that these steps are only applicable when using generic videos with Pirsonal Player. If you created real rendered personalized videos with Pirsonal’s video personalization software, you should use Pirsonal Editor or Pirsonal Script to edit a personalized video template.

Steps to Edit a Pirsonal Player Project or Template

The following are the steps to edit or update an existing interactive video player Project with Pirsonal Player.

  1. Access the My Templates section
  2. Browse the template list to find the Project or Template you want to edit
  3. Under the Action column, click on the three vertical dots
  4. Click “Edit Project”
  5. The Pirsonal Player Project page will open
  6. Make the changes you need:
    1. Updating the Project or Template Name and Description
    2. Updating the Webhook URL and security Details
    3. Updating the Background Video
  7. Save the changes


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